I Change Lives:
Bold claim I know, but it’s true.

I help people get to where they want to be. My clients end up Wiser, Wealthier, and Happier too!

I am a Tech Entrepreneur, Investor, Mentor, Speaker, Executive Coach, Online Marketer, Non-Exec Director and High Growth Expert. Put Simply: I Help People Get Their Best Work Out Into The World…

My Purpose:

I have been blessed to work with some of the World’s top “gurus” and thought development leaders.

These days, I am dedicated to helping entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders to grow, and their companies to grow too.

Alan Bonner with Simon Sinek, Jack Canfield, Michael E Gerber and Brian Tracy

Specialist Areas.

Growing a Better Business

Before you read on, please believe me on this point – I’ve been there and done it. I’ve built, bought, and sold companies, both private and public. After 30 years of being there, I believe growing a business is tough, and I am committed to helping entrepreneurs and business leaders create bigger better companies.


For a limited number of clients, I am working extremely closely as their mentor. Sharing my experience and knowledge, acting as a confidant and sounding board, encouraging learning and development. Helping to shape my client’s beliefs and values in a positive way; from someone who has ‘done it before’.

Investor Opportunities

I am also looking for investment opportunities. Preferably in technology companies, but not exclusively and not limited to seed capital or start-ups.

Keynote Speaker

As a Keynote Speaker, my categories include motivation, inspiration, overcoming adversity and leadership. Leadership and overcoming adversity speak for themselves, but the difference between motivation and inspiration is a bit more subtle. My speaking engagements are limited to six per annum.

Executive Coach

I work with businesses, within the context of an organisation’s values, passion, purpose – and strategy. Working with executives within an organisation as well as with the main individuals to increase sales, improve communications, implement systematisation, growing the top-line and the bottom-line and a whole lot more!

Proven Track Record

This is important, so no apologies for repeating this point – I have over 30 years experience in building companies, large and small – private and public. I know what it takes. Lots of people talk like they’ve been there and done it, but all they know is WHAT needs to be done, and not WHY, or HOW to do it. I have the strategies and know how to execute them.

Core Expertise

100% Money Back Guarantee - Always!

Business Development

We will work together to create your business anew. To really look under the hood of your existing business, understand your expectations, your limitations and your desires, and then set about redesigning your business to deliver everything you’re looking for.

What Business Are You In?
What Business Are You Really In?
What Business Will You Be In The Future, Based On Current Trends?
Who Is Your Customer? Your Ideal Customer? Your Perfect Customer For What You Sell?
What Do You Do Especially Well?
What Are Your Goals?
What Are The Constraints On Your Business Today?.

Personal Development

Developing your thinking to allow for personal growth, is an essential step towards personal mastery. Areas that we will be working on include:

Dreaming Big Dreams,

Moving Out Of Your Comfort Zone

The Importance Of Lifelong Learning

Accepting Yourself Unconditionally

Facing Your Fears

Moving Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Accepting Complete Responsibility

Being Willing To Make Mistakes

Build Self Esteem By Looking Good

Becoming The Authority In Your Market/Niche

Respecting Yourself And Others

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Alan Bonner
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