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Alan Bonner

Alan Bonner was fantastic, he was very honest and gave a good insight as to how he has worked successfully for many years, loved his way of thinking.

Areas of Expertise

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Sales Strategy

If you don't get your sales strategy right, you'll run out of cash. If you run out of cash, you'll need to borrow. If you can't borrow, you're business is dead! 

Brand Strategy

If you don't get your brands strategy right, you'll be incorrectly positioned in the market. If you're not positioned right, you'll be attracting the wrong prospects. 

Marketing Strategy

If you don't get your marketing strategy right, you'll be laying the foundations to attract the the wrong prospects, from the wrong demographics/psychographics. 

Growth Strategy

Get your growth strategy wrong and you'll go backwards relative to your market competition. You only have one serious choice, which is to Grow. 

Work/Life Design

Most entrepreneurs and business owners burn themselves out and ruin their health as a result. Achieving the right work-life balance is crucial for success. 

Exit Strategy

If you don't build a business with the intention of exiting it one day, then you're building a prison, you're building yourself a job. A job you can never resign from.

Alan Bonner is one of our most thoughtful entrepreneurs, with a distinctive approach to management as well as to the sales process. He is a salesman by profession, and it shows in the way he scientifically approaches the issue of winning the customers he wants.

Remember This...

There are 3 ways we can influence people.

One is to talk about how good we are.

Another is to have others talk about how good we are.

Both of these work, but the most effective, is to...

Demonstrate how good we are!

Ways I Will Help You Grow.

Do you want to get your business funded and finally have the support you so desperately need?
If the answer is YES, connect with me and let's explore the art of the possible!

Currently Seeking BIG IDEAS to fund in Tech/Software.

I'm Investing in BIG ideas in Tech/Software

If you have a BIG IDEA for an ambitious scalable tech/software product/service, I'll show you how to get investor ready, make a pitch, gain investment, get a CTO, build and scale your tech business from MVP to exit. 

Strategic Business Information

Strategic Planning Questionnaire

The first step in solving any problem, is to realise there is one!. Completing the Strategic Planning Questionnaire is going to be one of the best time investments you ever made!

Key tips for me - link sales team incentive scheme to business strategy. Offer different tiers of product, service, brand, to customers to manage margin according to their value contribution.

More Ways I Will Help You Grow.

Do you want to get more done in less time, finally allowing yourself the freedom to enjoy life?
If the answer is YES, connect with me and let's explore the art of the possible!

Focusing on High-Growth Sales

Business Strategy Day

Spend a full day together (up to 12 hours). We will discuss and plan how to get you from where you are today, to where you want to be in the future.

Alan Bonner Business Mentor

Hands on Support

Business Mentor/Coach

This is your opportunity to make more money, finally get out of debt and have a lot of fun, create a ton of value in your life and the lives of others.

How to Grow by Acquisition

Acquisition Strategy Day

Looking for explosive growth? I'll show you how to grow your business via acquisitions, rather than struggling with unpredictable organic sales. 

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The entire event from start to finish was inspiring Alan Bonner, best event to date.

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Alan Bonner was hugely open about career, learnings and current business strategy - much appreciated.

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