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BIG Ambitious
Ideas Required

Do you have an ambitious scalable BIG idea in the tech/software space? If yes, in 12 simple steps I'll get you investor ready, help make your pitch, gain investment, find you a CTO, and find support to help build and scale your tech business from MVP to exit. 

Does This Describe You?


You have a BIG IDEA?

You have a burning desire to create something of value?

You see a market opportunity for a tech product or service?

You see a gap, a hole, a weakness that can be filled by your BIG IDEA?

Your BIG IDEA has the potential to disrupt industries, communities, and the world?

12-Steps to Greatness!

 I'm Looking To Partner With Entrepreneurs Who Have Ideas That   Will Disrupt Industries, Communities, And The World!  


Forget Traditional Technology Incubators!


We're building out the tech ideas of non-techy and techy entrepreneurs.


For the right person, the way we partner with people and their BIG idea, is a dream come true. With us as your partner, you won't feel stranded on an island attempting to “figure it all out on your own.” Trust me, I've been there and it’s not fun.


I started my first business in 1984 (like an acorn in a forest!), looking back, I had no idea what I was doing. In fact, I had no idea that I had no idea! After that, another business, then another, on and on! I wish I'd been offered help and support back then, instead of struggling month after month.


After 30+ years, this is what I know - starting a business is easy, but scaling a business is really tough, and the chances of you making it alone are extremely slim - realise it - you're going to need help.

 And that's where we come in, supporting you, funding you, finding you the   right team, a CTO, a COO, a CFO etc, will liberate you, freeing you to grow. 

And here's the greatest value we bring...

We're in the trenches WITH YOU! Figuring out your fundraising, your go-to-market strategy, customer support, sales/marketing, branding, etc. As your partner, it's NOT only your responsibility, it's equally ours as well.

So here's your simple criteria to make a decision to find out more:
1) Do you have a BIG idea in tech/software?
2) Do you have the desire to turn your BIG idea into a scalable business?
3) Do you require funding?
4) Do you realise you need a partner?
5) Are you willing to share equity with your partner?
6) Would you like all your development delivered at cost?

If it's YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, then it'll be an honour to discuss your BIG idea to see if it's a great fit and to answer your questions.


​This is literally the answer you need, we'll assemble the RIGHT team and turn your BIG idea into a business, so that your BIG idea becomes your reality.


And most importantly…


​We'll help you launch and accelerate your software solution.

So, if you're looking for a REAL technology team (aka CTO) and a business partner with a proven track record who...


1) WINS when the company WINS.

2) Is 100% aligned on values.

3) Has a track record of building tech companies and scaling them.






LAUNCH within 90-days of the first line of code being written. 

  • Get you investor ready.


  • Step-2

    Assemble your pitch deck.

  • Pitch your big idea.


  • Step-4

    Receive a YES!

  • Start the Company Process.


  • Step-6

    Issue of Equity.

  • Kickoff Investment.


  • Step-8

    Start The Funding Process!

  • Meet Capital Investors.


  • Step-10

    MVP Ready (in 90-120 Days).

  • Start Go-To-Market Process.


  • Step-12

    Launch, Build, Scale, Exit.

Do you have a BIG Idea that's software/tech?

Apply Right Now
and Get Launched in 120 Days!

When I consult with you as a client, I take a painstaking amount of time to better understand your business. The next thing I want to know is what you want from your BIG idea.


Because if you don’t want for it what I want for it, then that's likely to be a problem, because I can’t want it more than you do!


If you have a BIG idea in the tech/software space, you're looking for funding, a team, and help in turning your BIG idea into a scalable business, then simply fill in your details below and get started. 

From BIG idea to MVP in 120 days!

Simply complete your details and I'll request more info.

Yes, I want to be investor ready to make my pitch, gain investment, find a CTO, I want support to help build and scale my BIG idea, from MVP to exit. 

 Strictest Confidence is Guaranteed.  

We respect your privacy. Your data will not be shared or sold.

If you're serious about launching your BIG idea, this will be best time investment you ever made! Get started now!

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