Who Can You Trust
With Your Inner Most Thoughts And Concerns?

The Client

Everyone needs a confidant — a trustworthy advisor. And in times of need, I'm top of mind! Clients come to me for my judgment, they come with problems that need to be shared, problems that need to be solved.


Client: noun
One that is under the protection of another


Confidant: noun
A person with whom one shares a secret or private matter, trusting them not to repeat it to others:

Confidants are people you trust enough to tell anything, they give advice, too!


Contract: noun
A business arrangement for the supply of services at a fixed price:

How would it feel, to have someone in your life who is...

100% Trustworthy.
Someone who says what they do and does what they say. Someone who can be counted on to be authentic. And, once you have this person’s confidence, they will never share what you tell them with anyone.


Doesn’t have an agenda.
Someone who puts your needs ahead of their own.

Always gets a positive vote.
Someone who's earned the right to be in this role. Someone that can both be counted on and that people want to be with.  


This is not just about having fun and being able to laugh (though that’s important). But someone who's calm and collected in times of need (someone that will inspire people to seek you out). 


Someone who understands the principle of "seeking first to understand". Someone who offers care and offers support. Someone who's genuine and thoughtful at all times.


Someone who's most likely been where you are today and where you want to go. Someone with over 30 years of experience, knowledge and expertise.


Offers insight and good advice (even when it may be hard to say and hard for you to hear).
To conquer your challenges, the last thing you need is a “yes” person. While everyone needs validation and I do provide that, I also need to do more - I also need to push you to be your best.


Shares the rewards.
An additional benefit of The Client Confidant Contract, is the Referral Rewards Program, whereby  you directly benefit by referring the people you care about.


After 30+ years, here's what I know - it's a lonely path to the top  - realise it - you're going to need help. And that's where I come in!





What is The Client Confidant Contract?

The Client Confidant Contract is me at your service! It's a contract between you and I, whereby you have my personal contact details and you can call upon me if and when required. It's like my formal mentoring programs, without the formal time commitment or mentoring regime. Basically, I'm your confidant in waiting! Waiting to help you solve a challenge, talk through an issue - I'm waiting for your call. In addition, you'll also gain access to The Vault.

Here's How it Works in...




If we're a good fit, I'll buy your first month's investment!

1) Fill in your details below and then check your email. 

2) Choose the option that's right for you, no investment required - only a commitment.

3) Choose a date and time for a free discovery growth call.

4a) On the call, if we're both a good fit, great - we're in business. As a show of commitment, I'll buy your first months investment!

4b) On the call, if we're not a good fit, no worries - we'll part in good faith, nothing ventured nothing gained!


You'll Also Gain
Instant Access to...


Look What's Waiting for You

I've been very fortunate in the course of the life I've led, in that I've been exposed to much brighter people than I, and I've gotten them to succinctly compress their ideology, methodology and their beliefs. I've been able to record them, interview them, film them and transcribe them. The result, is that I have some incredible resources that will get you to the point of believing in yourself and holding yourself to a higher standard. They're waiting for you in The Vault!

Find out more and get started here...

The Client Confidant Contract
100% Confidential Support - Guaranteed
30+ Years of Experience, Knowledge and Expertise

Alan Bonner


In the event you need me, I'm at your service when required.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few answers to the most common questions

Who is this for and who is this not for?

How much dedicated time will I receive?

How will I reach you?

What happens if I need to cancel our agreement?

Why do I need to provide my payment details?

Are there any other benefits with this program?

Do I need to live in a certain country to join?

How do I raise support if you're not around?

If you're interested in rewards, we have you covered!

How Well Does This Describe You?


You have a BIG IDEA?

You have a burning desire to create something of value?

You can you see a market opportunity for a product or service?

You see a gap, a hole, a weakness that can be filled by your BIG IDEA?

Typically, Entrepreneurs tends to go it alone and try to create something on their own. However, the reality is, that while you have a BIG IDEA, you're unlikely to know exactly what you should be doing, all of the time!

And that's why you need the support of an experienced Confidant who's been where you want to go and knows how to get you there, quicker!

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