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"All in all, I've generated tens of millions over the last few years!"

But what you might not know - is that I’ve also been working with a small number of private clients. These ‘private clients' run business growth, personal development and wealth creation businesses all over the world.


And for the last 36 months, these clients had been paying me to consult with them on strategy, and to help build their authority and their platforms.


Prior to this, I built my last business from scratch, which successfully joined The London Stock Exchange in 2007. All in all, I've served thousands of clients and generated tens of millions over the last few years!

Not too shabby, you might say!


Over the last 36 months I’ve also been offered contracts with some of the biggest names in the business, including Michael E. Gerber, Jay Abraham, Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy, Mike Koenigs, and many others.

Alan Bonner

Growth Entrepreneur

Alan Bonner Entrepreneur


Recognised as one of the UK's leading authorities on entrepreneurship, with an unshakable belief that anyone can achieve greatness, Alan Bonner is a serial entrepreneur who has built many multi-million turnover businesses.

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