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My practice grows virtually all of its clients from referrals, recommendations, testimonials and positive word of mouth.


I long ago made the decision not to invest a lot of my funds in marketing, advertising, or diversionary expenses, which would take away from the resources I could invest in strengthening the performance of my service.


I chose, instead, to invest the majority of capital into activities and areas that would enable me to perform better for my clients.


Because of that, I chose not to invest in outside marketing. Instead, I chose to invest in relationships with quality and desirable companies and individuals like you!


Therefore, I decided to establish at the beginning of our accord (as we are doing right now), what your specific expectation should be from me (performance wise), in the rendering of our relationship:


  1. The first expectation you should have of me, is that when you make an appointment:
    1. I will always be on time.
    2. I will always be present.
    3. I will always be free from distraction.

So, the first commitment I make to you is that; I will always be ready and waiting.


  1. The second expectation you should have of me, is that I’m approaching my relationship with you, in the same way I would approach a consultation with a client who invests multiple thousands with me:
    1. I will always be prepared
    2. I will always give you exceptional care, attention and perfection.

So, the second commitment I make to you is that; I will always have my mind focused on your best interests.


  1. The third expectation you should have of me, is that I will take a painstaking amount of time to better understand your situation.
    1. I will focus on looking dynamically at your problem or opportunity.
    2. I will analyse in an integrative way; to understand how the problem or the opportunity, the challenge or the issue, interrelates with other factors.
    3. I will (from prior experience), counsel/advise and direct you to take better actions and make better decisions, which will produce a greater outcome for your time and effort.

So, the third commitment I make to you is that; I will intensely, diligently and assiduously work with you to help solve your challenges.



In exchange, I would like a reasonable reciprocal commitment from you as well, because I am investing all the capital I would otherwise put into marketing, into being able to provide outcomes at a far greater standard than the rest of the market.


  1. When you make an appointment – please honour it. Please honour your commitment to my staff and to me, as we will always do for you.


  1. When we engage, please be as open and as completely candid as possible. Please share your concerns and let me know what you want the outcome to be, so that I can address it in the best way possible.


  1. When you say you’re going to do something, please do it. A person who does what they say they will do, is a person who honours their commitments and keeps their promises. That’s what you can expect from me, and that’s what I expect from you.


  1. When I provide services for you, please make sure your account is paid up to date. I train and retrain, I invest tens of thousands in hours and hard cash upgrading my proficiency, my mastery and my expertise, so that I can help you become the very best in what you seek to achieve. I am not a banker and my staff are not trained to be financial collectors. I provide exceptional service, and I expect to be paid on time. Please honour that so we can spend all our time focused on activities that will provide the greatest outcomes for you.



  1. And finally, once and after I have rendered what I promised over a performance period (and actually over delivered), I ask and expect of you, (because you will have experienced such a superior level of treatment, of outcome, of pleasure and pride), that you refer back to me at least two equal quality clients;
  • who will appreciate what I stand for;
  • who will recognise the difference between a referral generated practice and an externally hyperbolic marketing practice;
  • who will sense, appreciate, and truly understand the difference in the way they are treated, and feel what a superior experience The Client Confidant Contract is.


  1. Being totally open, upfront and transparent, I may have to put your referrals on a waiting list, and if so, I will respect them, but my practice is driven by a constant inflow of new quality referrals, of the same quality and mindset as the clients I work with. In essence, I will depend on you, just as you should depend on me.


  1. I am always dedicated in attending to the needs of the colleagues and acquaintances of The Client Confidant Contract, but of course, unaided, I wouldn’t know how to reach them! And so, I always remind our valued clients that anyone who is valued to them, (that they feel, know, or believe would also benefit from The Client Confidant Contract), would at the very least pass on my contact details and encourage them to call me. Or complete a direct referral application (found below) thereby giving me your permission to call on your behalf.


  1. In recognition of the clients referred to me, by you, I will gratefully, delightedly and appreciatively, reward you with one month of service, absolutely free, for every successful client who is approved and joins The Client Confidant Contract. In this way, if you refer 12 new clients per annum, your contract with me would be 100% free. But more importantly, together, we will be helping many more people eliminate their challenges and achieve their dreams and goals.  


Thank you for recommending someone who is valued to you, (that you feel, know, or believe would also benefit from The Client Confidant Contract). 


We respect your privacy. Your data will not be shared or sold.

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The Client Confidant Contract
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Alan Bonner


In the event you need me, I'm at your service when required.

Up to 2 hours per month dedicated to you.

Unused hours roll over to the next month (max 24 hours per year).
















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